Projects: OpenCV Masker Django

Hello! I am Debabrata Bhattacharya. Welcome to my projects page for OpenCV Masker Django.

Here is a link to my portfolio page. And here's a link back to my projects page.

But first, a little about me!


I am a Software Engineer with experience developing Java, Python, Android, and JavaScript applications. I can develop, integrate, and deploy AWS services. I can also train and deploy Machine Learning models in Python.


Django Projects: OpenCV-Masker

‚ÄčComputer Vision Django app that utilizes the OpenCV-Masker algorithm to mask colors in a video.

View here: Deployed on PythonAnywhere.

Technologies used: Python, Django, OpenCV, Ridge CSS, HTML

Source Code

View the source code on GitHub here.

Homepage Screenshot

Here is what the homepage looks like.

Nasa-Get Homepage

Video: App in Use

Here is a video of the app in use.

Here is a video of the input to the app:

Here is a video of the output from the app: