Hello I am Debabrata Bhattacharya, a Software Engineer. I have recently graduated college and I am currently looking for work. Feel free to contact me!


I am a Software Engineer with experience developing Java, Python, Android, and JavaScript applications. I can develop, integrate, and deploy AWS services. I can also train and deploy Machine Learning models in Python.


Here's a link to my resume. Feel free to contact me.

You can download a .docx format of my resume here.





Python, Java, C++, HTML & CSS, SQL




Kotlin, PowerShell & Bash scripting for CI/CD, PHP

Frameworks, API, and Cloud services


AWS Amplify, Android SDK, Google APIs


AWS services: EC2, S3, SimpleDB, DynamoDB, Lambda, API Gateway

Python: Flask, Django

JavaScript: Node.js

Databases: MariaDB, MongoDB, PostgreSQL


Machine Learning: Model development with scikit-learn, TensorFlow, Keras. Data representation with matplotlib.

AWS: Model Training on Cloud Instances with AWS infrastructure, GAN training with AWS DeepComposer Azure services: Azure AppService, Azure Virtual Machine


Here's a link to my projects.


My email.

My GitHub.

Work history: 6 months of professional experience

Here's a summary of my work history. I have 6 months of professional work experience as a freelance developer. Please respect that employer names are withheld in most cases due to client confidentiality agreements in my contracts.

Below work history is in reverse chronological order (newest first), and abbreviated to 2 clients. Click on the link at the end of this section to see more.

Client: New-to-market, data driven Fintech Startup [Name withheld for client confidentiality]

Hired for: Developing a consumer facing Android app, and developing AWS backend services to support the app and fulfill other business requirements. All from scratch.

Technologies used: Java, Android SDK and Google APIs, AWS Amplify, AWS DynamoDB, AWS S3, AWS Lambda

Time: 4 Weeks (December 2020 - January 2021)

Client: Mid-sized steel and other metals manufacturing concern [Name withheld for client confidentiality]

Hired for: I was hired for 2 contracts. Initially, I worked with a team for maintenance and development of internal Django websites, and Flask APIs. They really liked my work, and after working on maintenance of some Java serverless functions, I was rehired. I then worked with another team on maintenance of Python serverless functions with AWS Lambda, and Flask APIs

Contract 1

Technologies used: Python, Flask, Django, Java, AWS Lambda, Pytest, CSS, HTML

Contract 2: Support team engineer

Technologies used: Python, Flask, Boto3, AWS Lambda, AWS S3, Pytest

Time: 3 months (September 2020 - December 2020)

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Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering, CGPA:9.1/10, 2016-2020, from JIS University, Kolkata.

Certifications in Data Structures, Social Networks, Machine Learning, DBMS, AWS DeepComposer & Android development from NPTEL, Udacity & InternShala.